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Stoney Grant Awardees

The Stoney Grant was established in 1997 to honor Professor Harold (Stoney) Stonehouse, who was instrumental in providing direction and inspiration to MESTA for many years. Stoney helped to establish the National Earth Science Teachers Association as well.

 Year Recipient  Project
 2007  Tim Neason  Multimedia projector to boost curriculum
 2007  Cris DeWolf  Sunspots, Solar Flares & Students
 2008  Barbara Pepper  Groundwater Studies
 2008  Jennifer Wickersham  Rock n’ Lab 
 2008  Rachel Badanowsky  Mineral Chemistry
 2008  Eileen Byrnes  Clinton River/ Metro Beach Field Trip
 2008  Connie Atkisson  In Search of Stars
 2008  Lisa Beckman  Topography Golf Course
 2008  William Hodges  Modeling & Manipulating River Erosion Systems
 2008  Michelle Pifer  Meteorology Barograph
 2009  Sally Wood-Hoskin  Hearing Light
 2009  Michael Bause  MAGnificent Telescope
 2011  David Chapman  Grand Canyon Geology
 2011  Maria Gonzalez  Micro-Climate Project
 2012  Jay Sinclair  Coronado solar telescope
 2012  Sally Wood-Hoskin  Earthquake table
 2013  Utaminarsih Enberg  Geology course at Reeths-Puffer HS
 2014  Utaminarsih Enberg  Groundwater systems & seismic wave activities
 2014  Shawn McNamara  Student Inquiry into Climate
 2015  Matthew Baleja  Wind Energy Exploration at Paw Paw MS
 2016  Pamela Opolsky  Weather Station
 2017   Richard Green    Field Trip to Northern Michigan: Understanding Geological History by Witnessing It 
 2018  Ashley Meyer  
 Developing a High School Geology Course at Hamilton High School 
 2019  Brad Stevens  
 Starting High School Advanced Geology at Zeeland High School  
 2019 Eric Lehman Advanced Earth & Space Science at Ionia High School
 2020  Laura Bell  Water Investigations at Okemos High School 

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