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Are you new to teaching Earth Science and need some help? Do you want to go on awesome field trips? Need any rocks and minerals for your classroom? Then you've come to the right place! 

About Us

The Michigan Earth Science Teachers Association (MESTA) was founded in 1967.  The organization consists of members teaching in the field of Earth and Space Science at the K-12 and college levels.

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to help provide educators with up to date information, materials, and credible references to assist with the teaching of Earth and Space Science classes.

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In the K-12 classroom, it is becoming increasingly more important to provide authentic learning experiences that will enable students to develop an understanding of Earth Science. Your support of MESTA is vital in helping to prepare students to become the decision makers of tomorrow.  Please consider the opportunity to "pay it forward" and help support Earth and Space Science teachers in Michigan.

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Member Benefits

MESTA provides members in good standing with the following benefits:

* Classroom mini-grants to $500

* Summer field conferences

* Providing teacher materials via our Free & Inexpensive shop, Rock Shop, and Rock Raffles

* Field scholarships to $1000

* MESTA E-News (e-newsletter published monthly)

* Teacher workshops

* Annual MESTA conference (providing field activities and classroom workshops)

* The Michigan Earth Scientist journal, published quarterly (Note: you must be logged into your MESTA account to view the journals)

* Annual awards

* Michigan Earth Science Teachers Association Facebook page

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Conference 2019

Here is what you may have missed!

The MESTA Fall Conference was held October 4 & 5 at Mona Shores Middle School. Friday field trips consisted of a water quality boat trip (run by GVSU Annis Water Resources Institute) in Muskegon Lake and Lake Michigan, a dune study along the shoreline at PJ Hoffmaster State Park, and a local wastewater facility tour. Workshop sessions and the annual MESTA membership meeting and Board of Directors elections took place on Saturday.

Our Active Earth

Access current Earth Science data about earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, severe weather, wild fires, tides and currents, droughts, solar and lunar eclipses, daily stream flow, and space weather.

Select Data to Examine

Mauna Loa - Hawaii (USGS)

Upcoming Events

Earth Science Rocks!

Or in this case, minerals. MESTA members descended on the Hot Springs, Arkansas on Memorial Day weekend to collect quartz crystals.

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