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Astronomy Resources

Here are some collections of Earth Science related professional literature or links to useful online sources (including classroom lessons and labs).

1.  NASA:  This website features a number of areas where additional information can be found about space and NASA's manned and unmanned space programs.  Educators can find NASA STEM Engagement activities and videos under the NASA Audiences selection (For Educators).


2.  Jet Propulsion Laboratory:  This website includes activities, resources, and workshops about space.


3.  Astronomical Society of the Pacific:  This website features educational activities for K-12 Science Teachers, Higher Education, and Informal Educators within the Education box found on the home page.


4.  Space Weather:  This website provides up-to-the-minute "science news about the Earth-Sun environment".  Topics covered include the solar wind, sunspots, solar flares, coronal mass ejections, and geomagnetic storms from the Stanford SOLAR center.


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