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Rock Raffle Information

Part of the excitement of attending a MESTA conference or MESTA event is participating in the MESTA Rock and Mineral Raffle where participants purchase chances to win awesome rock and mineral specimens from all around the world! Proceeds from the Rock and Mineral Raffle assists MESTA in keeping our dues low, making these events a win-win for teachers and MESTA! 

When or where are Rock Raffles held?

MESTA conducts Rock Raffles at:
  • our annual conference
  • the MSTA conference (usually a raffle at the end of each day)
  • Other special events as announced to members

How to donate specimens or other materials

We are always in search of specimens for our Rock and Mineral Raffles. If you are donating rocks, please be sure that you label each specimen with what is known about it such as the identity, its origin, who collected it, etc.  In addition to rocks, you may have other types of classroom materials or books to give away.

Don’t worry if your specimens or materials seem "common". Your donations could end up in our Free and Inexpensive area. In the past we have given away sand, books, maps, lab equipment and other resources that are likely to be useful.

There are a couple of different ways to donate materials to the Rock and Mineral Raffles. One way is to bring them to the conference, and the other way is to deliver or ship them to our Raffle Coordinator. The USPS has flat rate Priority Boxes (2-3 days delivery). The boxes are free from your post office and are self-sealing. If you are personally bringing the specimens to the conference, please contact the Rock Raffle Coordinator in advance.

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