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Our Active Earth

You can easily access current information on Earth and Space Science topics that highlight our active Earth.  Learn about the latest earthquakes (including IRIS Teachable Moments), volcanoes, hurricanes, severe weather, wildfires, tides and currents, droughts, a calendar of solar and lunar eclipses, space weather, and daily stream flow information from the websites provided below.

1.)  Latest Earthquakes ==>

2.)  Latest Volcanoes ==>

3.)  Hurricane Activity ==>

4.)  Storm (Severe Weather) Prediction Center ==>

5.)  Wildfire News ==>

6.)  Tides & Currents ==>

7.)  National Integrated Drought Information System ==>

8.)  Solar and Lunar Eclipses ==>

9.)  Daily Stream Flow Conditions ==>

10.)  Space Weather Now ==>

11.)     IRIS Teachable Moments (recent earthquakes) ==>

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