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Why Earth & Space Science?

  Why is Earth Science an important subject area to teach to students?

Why is important that other school staff members (including counselors and administrators) understand the importance of providing Earth Science curriculum to students?

Why is it important that school boards provide Earth Science education to district students?

Why should your community insist that Earth Science classes are available to their students?

Without the proper answers to these questions, Earth Science teachers will have a difficult time justifying the necessity of providing Earth Science education in their school.  Here are some materials to help you have excellent talking points while discussing the importance of Earth Science education to each of those groups.

  Why Earth Science?  The American Geological Institute (now the American Geosciences Institute - AGI) has published a brochure highlighting the reason everyone should learn about the Earth Sciences.  To access the brochure, click here.  See the AGIEducation entry below to view the accompanying "Why Earth Science?" video.

  AGIeducation has provided easy access to a video that answers the question "Why Earth Science?" as well as individual videos that show each of the nine big Earth Science ideas discussed in the Earth Science Literacy Principles Guide.  To access these ten videos, click here.

  What is Earth Science?  This article from explains the major areas studied in Earth Science, the importance of Earth Science, and an introduction to Earth Science careers.  Access the article here.

  The Importance of Earth Science:  This release from the National Earth Science Teachers Association (NESTA) outlines numerous reasons for teaching Earth Science and why it is important to society.  Access this Microsoft Word document here.

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