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Geoscience Careers

Careers Brochure - Geoscience jobs are plentiful, salaries are robust, and the demand for young and enthusiastic geoscientists is expected continue to growing.  Check out the American Geosciences Institute Geoscience Careers Brochure here.

Geosciences Career Compass - Each American Geosciences Institute Career Compass provides options, tips, suggestions, and strategies for how students can obtain critical skills, experiences, and competencies in order to launch their geoscience career.  Over 20 different career compasses are available here.

Getting Girls into the Geosciences - This blog is written by Jodie Fisher, a senior technician in Earth Sciences.  She and her colleague Sarah Boulton set up "Girls in Geoscience", an initiative aimed at encouraging girls to take up the subject.  Check out the blog here.

Diversity in the Geosciences - This American Geosciences Institute reports how women and minorities are represented in the Geosciences.  This is an employment area that continues to be underrepresented by those populations.  Check out this AGI report on diversity in the Geosciences here.

Careers in Soil Science - The Soil Science Society of America provides information in an area many students might not think about - becoming a soil scientist.  For more information, check here.

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