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Digital Textbooks

  CK-12 Flexbooks are one possible source of digital textbooks that you can use to teach Earth Science.  These books are viewable on Chromebooks, laptops, tablets, smartphones, or desktops.  Flexbooks are standards-aligned and ready to be localized to engage students.

Flexbooks are currently available for both middle school and high school Earth Science classes.  In addition to a student edition textbook, a teacher edition textbook, a course workbook, and a course quizzes and tests book are all available.  Check out the CK-12 Flexbook Earth Science library here.

  Exploring Geoscience Across the globe is a book that has been produced to support teachers across the world in teaching the International Geoscience Syllabus (reproduced in the Appendix).  The syllabus covers the geoscience that all 16-year-old students should know and understand, as recommended by the international geoscience education community.  Check out this freely available textbook here.

  Astronomy is designed to meet the scope and sequence requirements for one- or two-semester introductory astronomy classes.  Check out this textbook here.

  Astronomy for Educators is designed to encourage instructors to provide students with hands-on, open-ended activities where students discover concepts and facts for themselves.  Check out this textbook here.

  An Introduction to Geology is an online textbook designed for college level Introductory Geology courses. Check out this textbook here.

  Physical Geology - 2nd Edition is an online textbook designed as a comprehensive introductory text on the physical aspects of geology (college).  Note, this book has a strong emphasis on examples from western Canada.  Check out this textbook here.

  Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Basics in an online textbook that integrates key concepts behind the technology with practical concerns and real-world applications.  Check out this textbook here.

DISCLAIMER:  These are some of the available digital materials available for classroom use.  This is an informational page only, not an endorsement by MESTA.

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