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Oceanography Resources

Here are some collections of Earth Science related professional literature or links to useful online sources (including classroom lessons and labs). 

1.   NOAA Teacher Resource Portal:  The webpage has a number of resource collections covering Oceans & Coasts, Weather & Atmosphere, Climate, Marine Life, Freshwater, Elementary Science, Data Resources (using NOAA data), as well as Special Topics.

2.   Schmidt Ocean Institute:  This non-profit Institute provides a range of educational materials including lesson plans and information on careers.

3.   Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution:  This website provides both online teaching resources and classroom activities.

4.   National Ocean Service:  This NOAA website provides educational information for bot educators and students regarding our oceans.

5.   American Meteorological Society (AMS) Education Programs:  This website describes many education resources for teaching about meteorology, climate science, and oceanography.  This includes very inexpensive online courses, summer programs for teachers, kits, and other resources.

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