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No matter how you look at it, we are all more likely to accomplish our mutual goals to improve K-12 Earth and Space Science Education if we all work together. To this end, MESTA has affiliated itself with the National Earth Science Teacher Association, NESTA, to gain important benefits. MESTA also affiliates with other Michigan based geoscience and educational associations in our efforts to advance our mission at the state level. MESTA appreciates the support of our affiliated organizations, without whom we could not achieve our goals!

One of the biggest challenges facing any organization is maintaining effective communication with its members in today's electronic oriented society. The MESTA website on which you are navigating was re-designed, thanks to our affiliation with NESTA, from the ground up to add many useful features, but more importantly to be maintainable by the "average teacher on the street." MESTA welcomes your comments and suggestions for our website.

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Earth and Space Science Today

Now you can easily access information on topics that highlight our active Earth. Learn all about the latest earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, severe weather, wildfires, tides and currents, droughts, a calendar of solar and lunar eclipses, and daily streamflow information.